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Here, we share some examples of fascinating, who really should be better known. Amongst other women playwrights who write about topical issues one should mention Isabel Wright, Kate Atkinson and Viven Adam. Wright is another talented writer who has sprung out of Traverse Theatre’s playwriting workshops. It seems that ever-decreasing rehearsal periods are partly to blame, the playwrights are sometimes required to complete their plays in the timeline that is unpracticable to them which can result in staging plays that are a couple of drafts short of a final version. The trend towards working for radio and television continues proportionately to the number of stage plays written by both men and women who would stylistically and topically be better placed in television medium.

  • Her other piece, also written in collaboration with Lung Ha Theatre Company and John Mitchell, The Home Made Child was inspired by the story of Bluebeard, and bears more than accidental resemblance to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.
  • Sportscotland operates the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame, which has inducted some footballers, also including Reilly.
  • Only recently bought, but I look forward to reading on many of these women in more depth, and seeing more of their works after finishing this first.
  • In addition to her career as a musician, Lennox is renowned for her work to raise funds and awareness for women and children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • In 2007, she was appointed Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing, until she took over the party in 2014.
  • Along with our partner The University of The West of Scotland, we intend to bring you an event that will recognise not only sporting achievement, but the work carried out by athletes, clubs, and sporting organisations to help each other and the wider community during the covid-19 crisis.

Only few names of these fine artists have been mentioned here, there are many more whose voices are yet to be acknowledged. Social issues are being explored by a number of women playwrights in the late 1990s and early 2000s, however, they seem to have been running out of steam, and the women playwrights are increasingly turning towards romantic plays depicting lives of single women in the contemporary urban society. Grace Barnes’s attempt to write a romantic murder mystery, Lavender Blue which was produced by Stellar Quines at Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, resulted in an uneven play with two-dimensional characters.

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Her other piece, also written in collaboration with Lung Ha Theatre Company and John Mitchell, The Home Made Child was inspired by the story of Bluebeard, and bears more than accidental resemblance to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The play is written as a series of visual images, a sot of a fragmented fairy-tale with more than ever relevant issue of ethics of medical science at its core. Another playwright of that period who, similarly to Evaristi, experimented with coming-to-age comedy and scatological humour was Sharman Macdonald. In her plays such as When I Was a Girl I Used to Scream and Shout , When We Were Women and The Winter Guest the concept of sisterhood is continuously reiterated, and, like Lochhead in Dracula, Macdonald turns this concept on its head. Her female protagonists live in the fatherless world, dislocated from their families and their pasts. They are successful and independent, and emotionally and spiritually emptied shells, with the need to go back and recapture the childhood time of innocence in order to understand who they are. This theme of displacement and the need to re-capture past would also be touched upon in Anne Downie’s stage adaptation of Jessie Kesson’s The White Bird Passes and Aileen Ritchie’s plays Shang-a-Lang and Asking For It .

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Perhaps it is too early to judge, and one will only be able to reflect upon this after a substantial body of critique has been created about the most recent generation of women playwrights in Scotland, whose work appeared at the dusk of the 20th century. In this play, she, without a shadow of a doubt created one of the greatest mythical characters of Scottish theatre, La Corbie, a folkloric symbol of Scotland, a cawing crow or a scalloped female bard, presaging the country’s past, present and future in a profoundly sardonic voice. The play’s first production, by Communicado Theatre Company at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in August 1987, emphasised this by setting the play in a circus ring, taking in such a way her interest in deconstruction of histories, and creating emotional distance between the beholders and the “beheld”. Still, in terms of her exploration of female identity, Blood and Ice, and Dracula remain her most distinctive achievements. This metaphor is far more overtly presented in the earlier two plays with the direct parallels being drawn between the characters of Mary and her half-sister Claire in Blood and Ice, and the Westerman sisters, Mina and Lucy in Dracula. Sue Glover had her stage debut in 1980, when Tom Gallacher, then writer-in-residence at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, commissioned her to write her first full-length play, The Seal Wife, for the Little Lyceum. From the outset, her playwriting has been heavily influenced by Scottish storytelling tradition and Scottish landscapes.

The evidence discussed in Chapter One shows that Scotswomen during this period played a vital role in Scottish public life, as well as in the domestic sphere. It also suggests that the achievements of such women were gained as a result of their own efforts. Chapter Two indicates that the attitudes of Scottish men between 1750 and 1830 towards the social role and education of women remained, for the most part, unchanged from those held by earlier generations. With certain notable exceptions, for example Sir Walter Scott and the philosopher, Dugald Stewart, many of the Scottish Enlightenment literati advocated domestic training for women in conformity with women’s role as wives and mothers. It is not surprising, therefore, as Chapter Three demonstrates, that educational provision for most Scottish girls remained unchanged.

Named after her Godmother, Queen Victoria, Drummond was educated at home, before deciding she wanted a career in marine engineering. She became the first woman to be a marine engineer in the UK, sailing to many different nations and constantly honing her craft.

Louise Ironside’s writing stands on the other side of a scale from Bunting’s, as a much starker, bolder, politically louder voice. Her 1993 play Risk, commissioned by Lung Ha is the result of a devised process of working with disabled actors on creating powerful visual images and characters who, though readily recognisable in everyday life, are far from being mere clichés. The impetus for writing Risk was the 1988 legislation by then Conservative government concerning entitlement to Income Support for young people. This move, which cut entitlement to basic Income Support for sixteen and seventeen year olds proved to have a devastating effect on a generation of young people with no, or hardly any, job prospects. The remit of Risk, commissioned by The Grassmarket Project, was to explore the topic of young people at risk and highlight certain areas of personal experience of the project’s participants, such as physical and sexual abuse, underage prostitution, crime and homelessness. This resulted in a script, by Ironside, that focused on five young beggars in order to show risks of being young, poor and homeless in 1990s Edinburgh. The piece that Ironside created was neither judgmental nor sentimental in its style and content but sought to give voice to, in Ironside’s own words, “some of the young people who have found themselves at the very bottom of our Classless Society”7.

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It engages with central themes such as politics, identity, work and religion as well as some more unusual topics such as science and medicine and culture. This 448-page dictionary contains entries on 830 women , written by a team of 280 scholars.

Olivia Giles was born and raised on the west coast of Scotland, attending the University of Glasgow where she graduated with a degree in Law. When Olivia contracted a life-threatening illness that led to her hands and feet being amputated, she dedicated her life to ensuring that the aftercare and rehabilitation she received in Scotland was made available to people in some of the world’s poorest areas. Hailing from the Highlands, model turned actress Karen Gillan won the much-coveted role of the Doctor’s assistant in the television series Doctor Who. Since then, her acting career has gone from strength to strength and she’s taken Hollywood by storm. You may not recognise her under all that make up, but she can be seen alongside the rest of Marvel’s superheroes – playing the character of Nebula in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as The Avengers. She also stars alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black in the Jumanji film series.

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When you spend time with young people, their energy and ideas are infectious. It makes you wonder at what point in adulthood your own youthful spark dimmed; and how we can make society a more inclusive space where that light burns for much longer. EARLIER in the year, I got a chance to fulfil a missed childhood experience and become an honorary Girl Guide for an evening. The Guides were working on the new “Citizen Girl” pack, which was designed to encourage girls to engage in politics and address some of the long-standing issues around under-representation and girls having their voices heard. She travelled over to Scotland to get her master’s degree at The University of Glasgow in Museum Studies. History has always been a passion of hers as her parents constantly took her to museums and let her watch war movies at a young age. She has worked at the St. Louis History Museum and assisted at Soldiers Memorial, and is hoping to one day work at the Smithsonian.

I’m assuming you mean tartan, and by family you’re referencing the same long-dead dog you mentioned earlier. They live in London, but Kate Middleton and my mum are tight so my family make the eight-hour car trip to eat scones and clotted cream every Wednesday at 4.30 p.m. Wendy Rose Gould is a lifestyle reporter with over a decade of experience covering health and wellness topics. Just type in any name for a quick look at how the popularity of that name has changed over the years. It was traditional to add these three letters to the end of a boys name to turn it into the feminine version. Some are traditional , others have the flavor of European countries who have touched Scottish history. Here’s the list of first names as promised, we have grouped them alphabetically.

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There is no better excuse than a Scottish wedding or a special occasion to dress your little girl in one of our beautiful plaids. Joie are giving 2 lucky people the chance to win the brand-new Joie savvy baby carrier allowing you to carry your precious cargo in comfort. To help support new mums during postnatal recovery, Lansinoh has launched its new Birth Preparation & Recovery range. This essential 4-step routine has been developed to help mums avoid the discomfort that comes during and after birth. Whether you’re embracing your heritage, or trying to find a name that will make him stand out, here are 21 Spanish baby boy names you’re bound to love.

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She is currently ranked very highly in the U.K., and in the US, she’s widely used as well, having returned to the popular names list in 2005 after a thirty-year hiatus. Elsie is now one of the fastest-rising girl names starting with E. If you’re looking for a name for your baby girl that reflects your Scottish heritage or you’re a fan of the rich culture of Scotland, consider the names on this list. The top names below rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names and are ordered by popularity. Unique names rank below the Top 1000 and are listed alphabetically. Below you’ll find 25 unique Scottish baby names for boys along with their meanings, origins, and a few fun facts. There aren’t too many of the traditional Scottish girl names listed above, but you’ll see some modern variants.

  • The scents are expertly crafted using only the most precious natural and aromatic ingredients.
  • The boys separately taught net-making, gardening, seedsman or nursery work.
  • This In all its forms, one of the most classic Scottish names for girls is now attracting namer attention–just as that other Gaiman-inspired name, Coraline, did.
  • Well that was my impression , I heard scottish folks are very friendly so I decided to add new girls in fbk to try , well am a boy .
  • You may not recognise her under all that make up, but she can be seen alongside the rest of Marvel’s superheroes – playing the character of Nebula in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as The Avengers.

In addition to her career as a musician, Lennox is renowned for her work to raise funds and awareness for women and children in Africa who are affected by HIV/AIDS. She was appointed OBE in 2011 for her campaigning and humanitarian work. Teenagers were asked to pick from a list of symptoms which included headaches, nervousness, stomach ache and sleeping problems. The health of girls in low-income households was particularly bad.

By 1831 over 35,000 Irish were living in Glasgow and most of them Catholic. That same year saw an opening of five Protestant and Catholic schools. Different religious schools started opening, with no real structure between them.

As a surname, it’s associated with feminist writer/activist Germaine Greer. This name of a small island off the coast of Scotland is trending upwards along with other I names. In an epic poem, the personification of truth, beauty, and unity; this ancient name is popular in Ireland but rarely heard here.

While Maisie might be short for Margaret, Mary, or even a name like Melissa or Marissa, it stands perfectly well on its own. Collins is a surname name that has made the girls’ Top 1000 thanks to its use for the daughter of the real-life Blind Side heroine. This derivation of the Greek Nicholas—which means “people of victory”—or the Irish and Scottish Colin—which may itself be a Nicholas derivation or an Anglicization of the word for pup—has a stylish feel made more so by that final s. Rowan is the name of a tree with red berries that’s commonly found in Scotland . Some scholars say this name has been used for girls as well as boys since the Middle Ages, though no Rowans are found outside literature until modern times. It’s also a genial Irish surname choice, especially for a redhead – girl or boy. Originally inspired as a a girls’ name by eighties TV actress Mackenzie Phillips, parents have flocked to Mackenzie – once only a male name – for their daughters.

In the Harry Potter books, Morag MacDougal was a witch who attended Hogwarts in the same year as Harry. A mix of Yvonne and Elaine, Yvaine was first noticed in the Neil Gaiman fantasy novel and then movie Stardust, in which Claire Danes played the ‘fallen star’ Yvaine. This In all its forms, one of the most classic Scottish names for girls is now attracting namer attention–just as that other Gaiman-inspired name, Coraline, did. Orla is an Irish name closely associated with the high king Brian Boru, as it was the name of his sister, daughter and niece.

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After reviewing schools across Scotland, an act was put into place to ensure children could receive an education no matter their financial situation. It got rid of the parish school system and the education system was now controlled by the Scottish Education Department. It created a uniform management system for the schools across Scotland, but also allowed for the local management to decide what was best for their schools. This way children of working-class areas, like the industrial schools in North Lanarkshire, were being taught practical skills instead of classes that would never be relevant to their lives. Georgia Aspinall is senior features writer at Grazia UK, formerly at The Debrief. She covers news and features across women’s health and fitness, sex and relationships, real-life stories, travel and politics. Being a mum connects us in a unique experience, a special and beautiful moment in our lives – and we’re all in it together.

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The board is made up of key leaders from the world of women’s sport, business and media and full membership can be viewed here. We have come up with an amazing list of names for baby girls from the land of Scotland. There are different hand-chosen names from different parts of Scotland, let’s ponder upon it. Our women and girls programme is for autistic females of all ages, as well as parents, carers and professionals. Ailsa is a traditional Scottish name for girls related to a rocky island in the Firth of Clyde called Ailsa Craig.

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